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I have been refurbishing ipods for several years now, so I know for the high capacity msata mod of a ipod can get very expensive but the 500gb laptop hardrives can be found for a very affordable price. I am attempting to make a very simple hack and to possibly make a kit to add on to existing ipods.

As you can see the prototype is rather bulky but it works.

*After building it the setup is simple.

since they are sharing a single battery when you turn it on the ipod screen is white, give it a few seconds so teh harddrive can spin up to speed then press the middle button to turn it on but dont have it plugged into the computer at the same time or you will get a low battery error.

When you see it starting up plug it in and wait awhile, Mine takes like 5-10 min to connect but when it does its fine.

If you dont get a itunes restore try putting your ipod into disk mode.

Once restored, just eject and unplug the ipod from the computer since they share a battery don't shut it off but just to a reset on the ipod with the menu and middle button if it dosn't reset its self.

Let it start up a bit then replug it to finish the restore.

Start up your rockbox and do the normal install and after completion drop in beyond winds patch. unplug and enjoy :D

But need to put your music folders into the root directory as it acts wierd if there are any sub directories like music folder then your songs music folder then your mp3.

(Future Updates) I will be testing out a small relay to the hardrive to the connector so that I can have the ipod control the drive motor and let it spin its self down, that should hopefully increase the battery like significantly.

500gb 2.5 laptop harddrive tested and it does format and restore.

The trick to getting it to work is a 5v from the booster directly into the adaptor. the 5v from the adaptor dosnt have enough power to start up the hardrive. but it would probally work with a ssd. Only problem with this method right now is that the ipod dosnt have control of the power to shut it down the harddrive and save power. I am going to test it with a relay and then with booster directly from the adaptor. This is the adaptor I purchased. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/261381358399?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Half Slim SATA 22 PIN SSD 3.3V SSD to 1.8" CE/ZIF PATA 40PIN Converter Board

Switched out to a higher capacity battery from a kobo arc as the first model was just a section of a ipad battery I had seperated. I probally could have kept on the original circuit but tend to remove them for simplicity sake but might be easier for next time.

I purchased a few of these. http://www.aliexpress.com/item/0-9V-5V-600MA-USB-Output-charger-Mini-DC-DC-Boost-Converter-TP4056-1A-Lipo-Battery/2038845625.html

Originally I had used this one http://www.ebay.ca/itm/DC-DC-Boost-module-3-3V-3-7V-4-2V-to-5V-1A-USB-Lithium-battery-charging-Voltage-/181921222429?hash=item2a5b598f1d&_uhb=1 but it didnt have enough amps to run the ipod and the harddrive at the same time.

The booster wont turn on if I had wired directly to the board so I just wired to a spare usb jack for simplicity and can remove if needed.

Here is a very noob friendly wiring diagram.

Came across a seagate external 2tb harddrive at the fleamarket today for $50. hooked it up and it works, largest ipod in the world I hope.

All glued in but the only problem is the HDD connector is so short its delicate and sometimes wont connect if you move it to much. Hoping I can find or have a extention made so then I can clean up the 3D printed case design. The battery cable sticking out the the right is nothing, I was just using it to prop up the hard drive and ipod since I didnt design the ipod plug slot to be big enough to plug into.

Printed case finished for now. holes dont match up perfectly when I press fit it so the ipod doesnt move, So just pushed it tight and a thin line of hot glue to hold it together.

Forgot to add the headphone jack hole so just drilled out and hot glued in the jack. Dirty but it works for now.

Rockbox installed. Seems each time I try to install rockbox I get the error ata -32 message. On a whim I dropped in Beyond winds patch for msata into it right after installing rockbox and it works.

you would need rockbox to break the ipod firmware limit of around 20,000 I think.

Also noticed something wierd is that you cant make a folder and put a music folder into it, you will only have 2 songs show up on your list. but if you drop a music folder into the root of your harddrive it seems to work great. But after install I noticed Itunes will no longer connect but hey who needs it. If you want to restore ever again just put your ipod into disk mode and leave it conected.

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