Zombie ventriloquist Dummy

My nephew asked me to 3D a ventriloquist dummy for him, but I am still learning how to do the actual modeling but I had come across this free pack that worked great. http://www.badking.com.au/site/badkings-mega-monster-brush-pack/ . I had to lower the resolution of the zombie a lot to get it into tinkercad but once in I can do anything to that model after. Hoping to have some features like moving eyes and mouth and also maybe a silly string spray from the mouth as a bonus.

I just happened to find these mini squishy toy brains at the market the other day that are a perfect size to add. Will be painting them to remove the company logo but not bad for 25 cents.

Update on the jaw. almost finished with the mechanism to move the jaw.

Also the moving eyes are almost done but dont think I will be adding any eyelids since its a bit to complicated for me at my current level.

Printed a mini version to see how the jaw would move.

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