Butter Bot (Completed)

I have been really enjoying the new series Rick & Morty and decided to make my own butter bot since I could not find any models online. Files for download at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1386866

What is my purpose?

first put together of the pieces of my model.

first print. I have a lens I found that I made to fit but designed a few alternatives for other people,

also going to use thick wire instead of a printed piece and a flashing led.

holds together great and is posable.

coloured render of his parts, will design a track soon.

full board print.

track finished.

designed so the first and last wheel fit into a groove and hold the track in place.

Made the head hollow so I could add a battery and led to the head.

2 versions of the lens eye. one is normal to be coloured and the other is a bowl shape. The idea is you add acrylic just to the edge so it starts to go round and make your own lens.

posable body

just like in the show

finished Butter Robot

#robot #3Dprinting #model #rickmorty #props

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