Zelda Master Sword Build( Completed)

This will be my build log of an amazing 3D model of the legend of Zelda Master Sword from a great artist at https://www.myminifactory.com/object/7579 also hoping to do the sheath as well later.

Materials Needed:

Filler Primer

Triple 000 steel wool.

regular steel wool.

Aluminum Foil tape the wider the better.

Mat black spray paint.

Masking tape

Seran wrap to cover parts you don't want to get paint on.

mat clear coat spray

Blue spray paint

Gold spray or yellow acrylic for the jewel in the center.

Dowels or steel rod.

2 Part Epoxy.

Small piece of sandpaper to scuff joints for gluing.

Had to chop up the handle and lay out the sword bits side by side to make it all fit onto a prusa I3 print bed.

Blades printed and took 75 hours but came out so nice. with about 5-10% infill.

First part of the handle completed.

It was supposed to have a dowel running all the way up it but since I couldn't find the 5.5mm here in Canada just the 6.5 so I had to cut into sections and hope I can keep the blade straight.

I used a type of wood glue that said it was ok on plastic and was sand able and transparent but found it was flexible so just use 2 part epoxy.

Handle is put together and used a clamp to keep the pieces nice and tight together.

Sword is assembled and very large. next to evil cat to show size comparison. Also after looking at this photo I noticed it was off the the side a bit so have since fixed it before applying filler primer.

Gave it a shot of Filler primer and a good scuff with 80 sandpaper. kept having problems with the joints moving even with epoxy I had added to the joints after with a dremel , so I would Recommend trying using steel rods through the middle of if you can find a proper fitting dowel to go all the way up.

After good wipe down put on your foil aluminum tape and start from the center away to help with any wrinkles. Doing it with tape also solved my problems of wobbly joints and trying to get a smooth finish by sanding was taking forever and then I came across this method.

I gave it a quick scuffing with a rough pad I had at the shop but you can use steel wool to help bring out the details in areas, I wouldn't recommend sandpaper since it could tear the tape. Also after this point wrap up your handle and tape off the edges of the blade at the top to keep paint from getting on the handle.

Give it a messy blast of mat black spray paint up and down the blade, don't need to do as much as I did.

After its all dried time to give it a sanding with triple 000 steel wool.

After completed the blade I unwrapped the handle and taped the edges of the blade and wrapped the rest of it in seran wrap to keep it safe from paint.

Give the handle a good several layers more of filler primer to help get a nice smooth finish and used the steel wool to make it nice and smooth.

After all dry some nice blue paint spray job. I had taped off the diamond section and gave it a shot of the gold paint I had or you could use some acrylic. After all dry a few layers of mat clear spray. Unwrap and enjoy all your hard work :D

#sword #zelda #videogames #3dprint #props

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