I-Sore Steampunk Ipod 2000gb(2tb)(Completed)

posting some progress pictures of my personal Ipod before I give out all the designs for the easier version for other people to use.

Found a nice old box at the thift store that seemed to fit great.

I was originally trying to make it match the ipod shape but broke it off in the progress.

gave up on trying to shape it and just when with a full square and a 3D print idea.

Drilled out a hole in the top for the headphone jack extender. Bumped it with the drill bit.

smallest 5Volt relay I could find. easy to wire, top left and bottom left are the circuit that is normall open and the 2 in the middle are for the power to open and close the relay.

removed the usb plug just to make things more snug. On my version I clipped off the little light because it was always on with my circuit setup but I found if I set it up with the relay before the 5volt booster it works exactly the same so you can keep it.

2 Braces printed and epoxyed down to hold it tight and charger glued it but later had to remove it.

Everything fits nice and snug. and for the ipod power cable just carefully open one of the grey battery's and remove the circuit board.

Test fit of a front cover I designed.

Brass paint job, Black primer, gold spray paint then a black acrylic wash on it with a mat clear coat on top.

gluing a edge onto it since I found with all the wires it was to thick, then I had to make it even thicker after so these had to be cut off and replaced.

New thicker border painted and installed as well as I cut the heads off some brass screws and glued them on so the holes I had before helped hide the cut off part.

Made up a plate but hope to have one made of metal soon.

plays movies and songs great.

Took awhile but found the perfect case I had envisioned. I cut it down to the same height as the I-sore and fits great. I have been trying to glue on some small magnets to the bag to keep the cover closed, I hoe they don't effect the player.

Been testing and get about 25-30 hours of music out of it.

Cut a hole into the case and added a printed ring for easy access while on my belt.

Found on testing the new battery jumps the time from 25 to 60+ so I had to try and swap it but it managed to fit after lots of work. old battery is 5000mah and the new one is 8000mah.

#ipod #custom #3dprinted #hack #mod #steampunk

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