Nintendo to raspberry pi conversion

UPDATE: listed on Etsy:

Fitting a Raspberry pi into a nintendo shell while keeping the look of the original front and hidden wires.

Unscrew the Nintendo and remove the internals.

Remove the plugs from the case and cut the red,orange and yellow wire as we wont be needing them.

Take a USB cord and cut it short and strip the ends off and snip away the metal wire covering it. You don't need to connect the wires in the same order as me but keep track of what wires are connected for later. Also remember to put on your shrink tubing first. some smaller ones and a large one.

Make one more and your set to go with this.

Going to need one of these USB extension cords for the other end.

Cut the end off of a controller or Nintendo gun and solder together the same wires as before with the internal part.

Now you have a mini extension cord that will work in the Nintendo's original plug.

I mounted the pi in this spot since it seemed east to access all the ports and still get into the bottom hole.

Find a drill bit that fits the raspberry pi mounting holes and just mark where the holes are and drill out.

3M screws work great and didn't even need a nut to hold it flush.

Remove the power buttons.

The orange and yellow are reset and the red and brown are the power.

I had set up the reset button for the raspberry but I found it had no effect with retropie.

The white is for the led but I have not figured out how to extend the pi led since its surface mount.

Solder on 2 female connectors onto the power wires.

I had used a very long USB cable and cut off the end and drilled a hole about the same size.

The long USB cable I soldered on a female connector to the negative and a male to the positive connector, negative goes to the pi and the positive is looped through the Nintendo power button back to the pi.

On the case cut off this access panel and cut a groove into the cover.

This way the USB can be looped back inside to store out of the way.

I cut this open a bit wider to allow a HDMI cable to fit out of the box.

On the front and the back of the top part of the Nintendo cut of a bit of the screw part so we can glue neodymium magnets.

I purchased a box of cable velcro ties from the dollar store and printed off these strap holders that you can download from my thingiverse account.

Epoxy the printed strap holders down to these spots and let dry. They hold the cable in place perfectly.

Everything is held in place. next is a strap for a USB plug and the extension cords.

Printed off one more Velcro tie holder to hold down the extension cables I made.

All cords tied down and a spot for a 5v 2.1 amp usb charger.

Case first perfectly snug.

Unfortunetly no room for the ps3 controller but Looks great anyway. Next is a supernintendo shell.

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