Pandora I-Box

New build of a ipod in a box but with a polymer clay monster in the box.

First off I used a piece of thin metal and traced out the ipod window and wheel then begun putting a thin layer of polymer clay around the outline.

I added a larger amount where I was putting the eyes, and a rim around the wheel area as well little veins for fun.

Roll a thin layer of clay for the eyeballs, bottom first.

With the teeth push in and out to get the gum effect.

After baking and glazing the teeth are fairly secure in the mouth part.

Next made a few little balls of white clay and baked them until they are stiff.

Drop the mini zits anywhere you like and flatten a circle of clay and place on top and blend the edges. Use a pin or such to push the clay around the zit area to get a nice effect.

Time to give it a good bake in the oven according to directions.

After it cools mix up some epoxy and some chalk pastel yellow for a nice effect.

Dab on zits and teeth and anywhere you would like.

Forgot to add that I had taken other colours such as brown green and red and dip a wet brush into each and wipe all over for a effect. Wet helps to spread out the chalk pastels.

Also forgot to take some pictures since I got in the zone, hot glue works great for making the slime strings on the teeth.

Coat all over with the glaze except the eyes.

Very carefully ran a thin razer underneath to help separate and then glued ipod to the front and some cardboard on the edges for strength using epoxy.

The old box I am going to use I glued in some boards on the inside to keep the cover at a certain distance but for me just a bit to high to put the lid down tight.

Test fit into the box and cut sides to fit in properly.

Ive been slack on my updates. edges cleaned up. top had to be slightley extended and used some leather and a very old leather belt from a camera for the rim.

Battery had to be swapped for the 5000mah version since the other battery was to thick to fit properly.

#ipod #2tb #custom #zombie #polymerclay #sculpting #vintage

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