Steampunk laptop

Repainting of my touchsmart laptop to look vintage. Brass paint and some wood veneer if possible.

stripped down and removed the back cover and face plate very carefully.

Forgot to take photos of this process but primed it and sprayed it with gold metallic paint.

After its dry I just mix some dollar store black acrylic paint in water and dab it on with a rag and then dab it dry with another rag. Just repeat until its at a level your comfortable with.

once its all dried hit it was a coat of matt clear spray, and it brings the brass look right out.

assembled for now. going to rub and buff the keyboard area but the keys are actually part of the frame so it will be tricky.

Keyboard completed. Has to cut plastic rivets to remove the keyboard so I could paint it. Had to clean out the keyboard due to a drink being spilled on it so killed two birds with one stone.

#steampunk #laptop #custom #painting #brass #mod #hack

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