Apartment Conversion

Been offline for a long time and renovation my apartment so I could be more organized in my projects.

First up is the important project shelf. Thought of using simple cheap serving trays to keep my projects organized and easy to move around to a large table.

Need to find a better picture but I took my large old shelf and removed the sections of shelving.

Then layed them flat into the back of the shelf and screwed into them from the sides to add strength and a backing for the next part.

I cut and lined up hook shelf holders and the arms. These are a bit smaller just because I had some extra and figured keep them all the same length.

I picked up these plastic trays at a japanese dollar store for $2 a piece and also used these are measurement to space out the shelf hooks.

Can move the hooks depending on the size of the project and easily see what I am working on so it doesn't become forgotten in some drawer or closet.

Looks messy I know but this way everything is in a tray and easy to find and work on and I can arrange projects in order of priority to get myself motivated to finish it.

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