A modified operation game that will shock you if you touch the sides. The operation game to use has small wired bulb in the nose instead of the old screw on. Easy way to test is just try and unscrew the nose, If doesn't move then you have the right one as well as it has a battery compartment on the bottom instead of battery's out in the open.

shock pen from a japanese dollar store.

Just snip off these 2 tabs holding on the paper face.

Lift the paper and will be 2 tabs holding the buzzer unit in place. You should be able to work it out through this hole.

Crack open the buzzer unit and unsolder the motor and bulb.

Crack open the shock pen and remove the shocker unit.

just solder in the same areas, little metal post coming from shocker goes to the metal tab on the side.

you need a little hole for your switch. I didnt have a drill handy so just melted one out with my iron. Be sure to clean it off quick or it will just burn on the iron for a long time.

You can solder the wires on first if it is easier for you.

Untie the handle and work it off.

Desolder the wire.

pull the tweezers apart but working the clip sideways carefully past each other. Add a long piece of heat shrink tubing almost to the front and just poke a hole for the hooks.

Add a large piece and a small piece of shrink tubing to the wire so you can help cover up the ends later.

Heat the tubing down and cut a piece of aluminum tape just under the length as the heat shrink tubing.

Wrap the wire around and under and tape it down .

Put the piece of heat shrink tubing from before over the end and shrink it down with a lighter.

Cap it off.

I also added a section in the middle of the wire later that can be pulled apart in case any one jumps to hard when zapped. But just go in reverse and tuck it back in and glue down the paper or double sided tape.

Hit the switch and his nose should come on to let you know its live. Enjoy.

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