Silent air compressor build

Needed a silent compressor for light airbrushing in my apartment but any compressor i found is incredibly loud. Found instructions online to combine a fridge compressor and a tank from a damaged air compressor.

Cut off switch and intake tube mounted sideways to make room for the plate.

All the holes are marked out and drilled and test for height of hoses.

Compressor itself had only copper tubes so had to find connectors that fit over these. Also left the current oil inside since I didnt know the amount used.

Bolted to plate and ready to be wired up. Make sure you kept that relay on the side.

Using a old 3d print i had made, added baffles to help make it more silent but didnt do to much and recommend something denser.

Part mounted and super quiet . will have to post some photos of the wiring. I forgot to take some.

#Compressor #hack #mod #airbrushing #3dprint #custom #aircompressor

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