Stratasys Genisys xs 3d printer Rebuild

A old cartridge based 3d printer was donated to the shop in near perfect condition. only problem was that it was so out of date that the system wasn't even close to what we have today.

But the frame and body was build way overkill. solid aluminum structure with a steel body and belt driven system. Also it cost $70,000 when it was first purchased 15 years ago.

But with a simple ramps board and a few tweaks it prints better then any commercial printer i have seen. The supports when coming off the bed literally just fall off the piece when your removing them.

I gutted out most of the old electronics and put the original power supply back in since it gives 32 volts and the heated bed requires that so that helped with powering it.

kept the Y and X axis endstops that are just little reed switch's but work just fine and look nice.

only worry is using a relay for the heat bed since they tend to short out. So I just turn it on to heat the bed then shut off. The aluminum is So thick it holds heat for awhile but going to add in a key switch since this is at work and just safer in case someone turns it on.

The nightmare that is wiring a new 3D printer.

All of the motors are over kill size meant for cnc and 6 wires but thankfully there was one that had a adapter to bring it to 4 wires for the ramps so just applied it to all the connectors.

removed the strange bubble gum polyester extruder system, at least I get a nice rail system to use later.

When trying to figure out the steps per mm it was a bit hard since I couldn't see all the pulleys so just measured out and calculated each axis but worked out great in the end.

swapped out the head for a mk2 homemade head but later realized I had to space it out like a extra 25mm due to the back of the bed hitting the wall.

Not much to it but had to align the bed by loosening or tightening the side belts. Used a inductive sensor to sense the bed and adjusted the height just right. The prints had a uniform texture to it but when printing at .1mm height you dont see really anything and its so accurate that the supports can sometimes just fall off without pulling.

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